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Jizz Fest

Hot brunette Joey Silvera is here again, having a great video update for you, fellas! Joey is so naughty, and she can’t wait to take a big fat cock in her mouth! Today she received a very special gift from her boyfriend: an insane facial fuck! Today is her birthday, and her boyfriend knows that she really loves to be fucked in her big mouth. So he prepared for a few days for this casual teen sex encounter, went to gym, slept well to be all ready to give her girlfriend a very special gift. So these evening he arrived home from work with a bottle of champagne and invited Joey in the jacuzzi, to relax and drink a glass of champagne.

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Naughty Maid

Yes, we know that you can’t wait for the next Joey Silvera video update! So here we are, and we recommend you to sit down and have a great time watching this fresh video, because this update is definitely mind blowing just like Christy giving a blowjob scene! Slutty maid Joey Silvera was working in this morning in the house, cleaning the living room. Her boss arrived home and checked how she removed the dust, because she is new in the house and the man wants to see is she is good enough… and she is, we can bet! But is seems that he found some dust on the piano and now Joey must to revenge, or she will be fired.. but she doesn’t want to loose her job, because she needs money.

Joey decided to take care of her boss, and proposed him to get his clothes off, because she will take care of him. So she grabbed the man’s big dick and started to lick it slowly, then pushing it deep in her throat. She is very skilled in jerking that dick, and her boss is very delighted so in the end he will blast a warm load of jizz on her slutty face!


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She is dressed like a little princess, wearing a wreath. All the eyes are concentrated on her. But she is looking for a big cock too, because she’s very horny and it’s been a while since she last fucked. So she began to talk with a muscle hunk about the party and the company but she can’t concentrate, her eyes were only on the man’s big tool. After a few minutes of talking, they went to the man’s place to drink a bottle of wine. Of course, after a while she grabbed the man’s big cock and began to suck it. Then the lucky guy stuffed his monster cock first in her tight pussy and then he stretched her firm asshole. So sit down and relax watching this great Joey Silvera update!


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Three Monster Cocks

Slutty Joey Silvera is here again and she is ready for the fuck of her life. In this great video update she will be fucked not by one or two but by three monster cocks! She never tried this before, she only got fucked by two cocks once, in the college, after a party when she was very drunk and she was fucked by her boyfriend and his best friend. But she loved that experience and since then she wanted to try it again.

Today she has the opportunity to try it with three monster cocks. She is at a party and she is really drunk, and she went to the men’s bathroom. There she met three muscle and horny hunks. Seeing that big cocks she became horny and asked the guys to go upstairs in the bed room to have some fun. So she quickly got on her knees and began to suck that big cocks like a crazy. The lucky guys fucked her deep in her throat and spanked her ass and tits. In the end of this great video, Joey was all covered in warm jizz. She was really satisfied and happy. Have fun watching this great JoeySilvera video update and if you liked it check out website and have a great time watching other gorgeous babes getting hard fucked.


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Joey Silvera – Tortured and Abused

Joey Silvera is back again having a brand new video update for you, guys! So sit down and have a great time watching this great scene. Like she said before, Joey loves to be tortured and abused when she is drunk, is her favorite fantasy to be rough fucked by a masked guy. So today is her birthday and her best friends know about her fantasy and decided to make her wish become true. So they went to Joey’s place and organized her a surprise-party. When she arrived home from work, her best friends turned the music on, brought the champagne bottles and the party began.

After a few bottles of champagne, Joey’s friend decided to give her the special present: a muscle hunk, with a huge cock, tattoos (Joey loves tattooed guys). And the man was wearing a blue mask. Seeing him, Joey was all wet instantly and she wanted to feel that big cock in her already wet pussy. So her friends left the place and Joey and “her present” started to fuck like crazy. The man tortured and hammered her warm cunt while she was moaning in intense pleasure. Check out this great video update and if you liked it and you’re looking for similar videos, visit the blog.


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Cum Hungry Babes

Hello folks! Are you ready for an exclusive edition of Joey Silvera video update? We bet all of you are, so relax and enjoy this amazing scene. As you may all know, Joey is such an incredible horny babe, she likes to try every little thing out, make out nearly as much as she can. That said, the other day when she was asked by a married couple to have launch within their place, she realized it can be a pretty good chance for her to have some hardcore sex. So she dressed up very sexy and reached her friend’s home. All Joey could consider was having sex, so she hardly can help but take a look at her friend’s husband black cock, while they were having dinner. Joey slipped her hands below the launch table and she securely and safely snapped up his cock, pressing it and jerking it. The guy rapidly got hard and couldn’t focus anymore at the discussions, so he took out his partner and Joey in the bed room to enjoy a JoeySilvera fuck scene.

Both of those babes knew that this dinner will entirely transform into an orgy, such as it occurs every time, so they really began to kiss one another and finger-fuck their warm cunts, then these two whores both started to take care of the guy, who was standing up all hard in front of them. As you almost certainly thought, he turned out to be blowed so hard by these sexy gals, that he couldn’t endure anymore so his huge load of cum erupted right on their angelic faces.


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Hi again! Are you ready for the next Joey Silvera porn update? Hope you do, because this fresh update is one of the greatest threesome scenes we have ever seen! Today two stunning sluts came to our studio, asking us if we can offer them a proper hammering. They wanted to fuck witch has a very big tool, because they love to fuck big fat cocks. These two cock hungry sluts are loving anal sex. They tried it many times, and now is their favorite kind of sex. But today they want to stretch their ass to the limits, so they brought a few huge dildos too.

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